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Susboom is a portuguese tattoo artist known for using fine and thick line, envolving some imaginary geometric and illustrative forms with watercolor in her tattoos. All her work is original and unique. We can traduce her artwork as “Morden Tattoo Art”.

Susboom open her first Tattoo Studio in the center of Lisbon, Calçada do Combro in Chiado, 2013. On January 2016 she decide to return to her home town Porto and open her second private Tattoo Studio with Rupe Tattooer.

The studio is called Minimal-Ink.

Pushing The Art Boundaries

The Best Concepts. Designed With Love.

Conceptual Art

Interpreting deep concepts, ideas and thoughts to transform them into ART.

Unique Designs

My tattoo Art is unique and exclusive for each and every client.

Sharp Lines

All my tattoos are done with fine sharp lines.

Geometric concepts

Deeply inspired by the power of Minimal and geometry.

The way to expand your beauty.


In order to rise the chances that your tattoo project will be accepted by me, please consider that your idea or theme follow my tattooing and drawing style. Also if you trust in my art you will get exactly what you wish.

Sorry, but i will not accepted any tattoo request that is out of my style and signature, so please feel free and take a look at my instagram account to understand what i do, if you don’t know me yet – Susboom_Tattoo

If you feel that i am your artist for your tattoo and if you agree and understand my terms, please click below. Let´s Rock!

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Please note that i’m an artist working by myself and i’m the only one able to reply to all requests properly, so please expect some delay. I need to focus on current appointments and in my art development, as i will when you get your appointment set.

I appreciate very much all your love and thank you for your patience.


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