Beauty and Beast Flower Flash Art


  • Booking Priority
  • Black and White
  • Size: 8-12 +/- cm
  • Places in your body: harms, legs, back
  • Fine line and clean design
  • Perfect for first tattoo experience
  • Done in Private Studio with Peaceful, relaxed and friendly environment
  • This is a original Flash Art from Susboom, so PLEASE don’t COPY.
You Want To Have A Tattoo From Susboom But Don´T Know What?
- Now its easy! You only have to choose your flash art ?
- After the payment of this Flash Design from Susboom, you have the priority in her agenda.
Cool?! Yes!
- After you Buy your Tattoo Flash, you have to wait about 5 -7 days (more or less) for her to book your appointment;
- Susboom normally have a busy agenda, so maybe you have to wait about 2 a 3 months to do your Tattoo Flash;
- If a open cames Out in her agenda, she will call you first ?
- Your Flash Tattoo Art only can be made in her Private Tattoo Studio in Porto city;
- You also can have your chance to do your Tattoo Flash Art with her, when she travels through Europe;
- If you want to change something in the Flash Art, the price will be more 50€/each (price on consultation);
- This is a original Flash Art from Susboom, so PLEASE don’t COPY


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